'Courcoux & Courcoux'
Stockbridge, Hants
Oct 11 through to New Year 2015

From Nov. 22nd through
to New Year,
The Gallery on the Street, Puttenham

Michelham Priory,
Throughout May 2015

  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics
    2 Textured Vessels, Tallest 48cm.
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics
    Large Bronze Vessel Ht 50cm.
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics.
    Pink & Turquoise Vessel Ht 44cm.
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics.
    Textured & Lustred Vessel Ht 18cm.
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics
    Textured Form W42cm
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics
    Large Bowl, 48cm Across.
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics
    Large Vessels H48cm
  • Stephen Murfitt Ceramics
    Tall Lustred Vessel. Ht 67cm.

Ceramics: by Stephen Murfitt

The work is an on-going and sustained exploration of form and process. Influences are diverse and come from the natural and built environments.
The forms, often vessels, are hand-built using a combination of methods. All the work is put through the Raku-firing process which provides an infinite range of possibilities.
My Ceramics can be found in many Private, Public and corporate collections at home and abroad.